Sharing is Love- My Brother and Me

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Can these brothers improve their sharing habits? Young children are growing and learning to sort out their feelings among their siblings and friends. This a joyful and colorful book that will motivate your child to improve their sharing habits both at home and in school. Babic Books is an 8×8 inch, glossy 20 page, saddle stitch short story. This book is full of bright colours, items that kids can name and a story that parents and kids can talk about together. The text is straightforward, rhyming and easy for kids to follow. Sharing is Love is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and junior kindergarden to grade 1 classes.
ISBN# 978-0-9921655-3-6 CA



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    “An easy-to-read and engaging story with an important lesson. My kids loved the vivid pictures!”- Mom of three girls.

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    “I loved how this book sparked a great talk afterwards about sharing with our siblings and even sharing at daycare”- Mom of two boys and girl.

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    Fantastic book with a great lesson. Wish we had this book when my kids were smaller – it would surely have been a great help when dealing with all those early squabbles! – Mom to three boys

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    Although my kids are sisters and not brothers the concept was not lost on them and they loved it. Catchy rhymes and colourful pages – and it’s a great lesson on sharing. Many pages have simple words and easy single sentences for emerging readers. Cannot go wrong with this book. 🙂

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    My son and daughter enjoyed this book. The message got through as while they were playing later on my son said “I am going to share with A because I love her”!

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    Bought this book for my nieces and nephews (ages 2-4) as they are all at that age of learning how to share. It’s super cute and the message is perfect – whether it be to learn how to share with other siblings, kids at daycare or school, etc. The story is easy to follow with great pictures – as a ‘mom to be’ I will definitely be adding this to my child’s library!

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    This fun book addresses the common source of sibling squabbles that parents encounter daily. It helps children to understand that their feelings are normal. That it is OK to have special toys, but it is not OK to be unkind to their sibling(s). It addresses an issue, without making the child feel bad.

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    My daughter really enjoyed this book. Knowing she has a little sister on the way, this book addresses issues that she does not face now but will probably be a problem in the future. I love that she can identify the problem and figure out the solution just by looking at the pictures.

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    A lovely and simple little book about a very important value.

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