My first ‘real’ unbias book review on Sharing Is Love

I was so excited today to receive a notice from the website IN R DREAMS. Owner, mommy blogger, and Brand Ambassador Tammy, posted a wonderful book review of my first children’s book ‘My brother and me’. I was honestly expecting a one paragraph review, but it instead was a lengthy article talking about how much her 4 children loved my book.

This is my first unbiased book review (meaning, not written by a good friend), so it was a real confidence booster to hear her thoughts. I anxiously agreed to add a contest to win one of my books on her site too. This is also a great tool for me to see how many out there are interested in receiving one of my books. I held a contest for one month on Goodreads, and I was thrilled to see that 469 people entered.

Thank you again for the great review Tammy! Check out her site…its great!

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Christmas time–the true sharing test!

A great day at the 2014 Mompreneur conference – Part 1

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Mompreneur Conference 2014

Yesterday I attended the Mompreneur conference in Mississauga, a full day of seminars and networking with other talented, hard working moms. I was very excited to attend this day, as my only experience attending these type of business conferences in the past was when I use to tag along with my friend Anna, CEO of Actium Consulting, on her international conferences (in short, I would join her for a low cost weekend away to enjoy a new city and relax with a friend. Always a great time).

Anna also attending this conference, and we decided to make it a mini weekend away by staying the night at the Sheraton Conference Centre. Why not be able to enjoy sleeping in uninterrupted past 7:30 am (something you only truly can appreciate after having children). Plus, we could obviously have a couple drinks and not worry about driving home.

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Anna and I at the dinner gala.

The overall day was what I expected, and worth attending. The day started with registration, receiving our ‘goody bag’, a small breakfast, opening speeches and introductions, followed by your chosen ‘Breakout Session A’ at 10:25 am. I chose to attend the seminars throughout the day that included the speakers; Paula Coop McCrory (4 plus followers on Pinterest), Kim Wilson (Creative head at KidsCBC), and Joanna Duong (Founder of Henkaa fashions). I also very much enjoyed having a 1-ON-1 ‘Expert Consultation’ with Business Coach Lara Galloway (of MomBiz).

Of course the most anticipated part of the day was hearing the Keynote Speaker Arlene Dickenson, CEO of Venture Communications and judge on Dragon’s Den. She spoke following lunch. Her speech was authentic and honest, which I appreciated most. I have read both of Arlene’s books, plus I frequently watch Dragon’s Den. I have enjoyed her books, and she is admired by countless women and leaders everywhere (and I am sure admired/loved most by her children and grandchildren). She spoke about her life and of course gave advice from the heart. Although I have read her books, it was great to hear her stories directly from her. But I have to say, what I would love most is to photograph her. As many of you may know, my other business is commercial and portrait photography (for over 12 years shooting for magazines. I would love to shoot her in her own personal space, casual, and capture her spirit. Plus I think she needs new marketing portraits rather than the constant ones in that white long sleeve cardigan type blouse. Great top, but she needs new shots (I am guessing she hates getting photographed or posing for photos like most do). Anyways, here’s hoping one day I can have 10 minutes to photograph her and we can both enjoy ourselves in the process.

arlene dickinson speaking, dragon's den judge, arlene dickinson's book

Arlene Dickinson Keynote Speaker.

I am going to stop here, as this blog seems to be getting too long. And I seem to have so much more to say. What did I expect and want to gain attending this conference? Why was it worth it for me from a business perspective? Stay tuned for Part 2 end of the week.

A black coach handbag that I won

A black coach handbag that I won

But I would like to add one cute unexpected bonus to my day. I received a call the day after the event that I won a COACH handbag. I have never won anything more then $20 from a scratch and win ticket before….so to win a COACH bag from putting my card in a jar for a draw was pretty darn cool! It was ironic too, since I love purses and have too many. I LOVE purses. God knows I would never actually spend that kind of money on a purse, so I will anxiously await my COACH win. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog which will reveal how much I love my new purse or not (since we all know that is important info! ha).

Hope everyone had a great weekend… I did!

My first book reading!

I have my first book this afternoon at St. Anthony’s school. It is for my son’s junior kindergarten class, requested by his teacher. Should be interesting, as I can honestly say I have never spoken in front of twenty eight 4 & 5 year olds. A great learning experience for me, and hopefully more book readings to come.

Contest Entry for Sharing Is Love now on Goodreads!

Within the next month I will be giving away three free books through goodreads. Entry to win, and a random draw will choose the winners on Monday March 3. I would welcome reviews to my book from those winners! Enjoy reading!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Sharing Is Love- My brother and me by Anita Babic

Sharing Is Love- My brother and me

by Anita Babic

Giveaway ends March 03, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Interesting Facts- First one makes my kids seem more normal.

“Siblings fight. A lot. Sometimes with a conflict every 10 minutes. Any parent of more than one child knows that they sometimes just don’t get along. Whether it’s a power struggle, competitive personalities or just plain irritation from being around one another, siblings spend a lot of time battling it out. One researcher found that brothers and sisters between 3 and 7 years old engage in conflict 3.5 times an hour. Younger kids fight even more, with a fight happening every 10 minutes”

“10. A big part of individual personality develops in relation to interaction with siblings. All those fights with siblings may just change who you are as a person. Skills children learn in conflict resolution with siblings can carry over into other areas of life, making us better or worse at forming romantic relationships, working with others or having lasting friendships. Some other studies have suggested that birth order with siblings may also play a role in personality development, with older siblings being more nurturing and middle siblings being peacemakers, though many dispute these findings”

-By Lee Lofland

Brotherly sibling battles …. how do we deal?

How do I deal? Well, I wrote a book eight months ago.

My boys are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. They are VERY active typical boys, who argue mostly over toys. They are both very stubborn, and the younger has learned to hold his own (and he’s a big 2 1/2 year old so he can hold his own well).

It is no doubt that we do the best we can as parents. Are we always doing it right, of course not, but we live and learn.

I’m living and learning through my first children’s book by connecting with great authors. I have worked with a talented illustrator on my book, Sharing Is Love- My brother and me, and I am thankful for that. Rocio taught me a lot as we produced the illustrations together. Here is her website.

Has my book ended my boy’s sibling battles..of course not. But they like the book, are amused by the characters looking like them, and I would like to think the message comes across loud and clear. They talk about the lessons in the book after each time we read it together.

This book is simple, to the point, rhyming, and has very colourful and vivid illustrations for kids to enjoy. Rocio and I have already begun discussing my second book; Sharing Is Love- My sister and me.

I wish I had more time to concentrate on the marketing of this book, but I take it day by day, week by week, and do what I can. I don’t consider myself an author, maybe a ‘pretend’ author really. One who makes silly spelling mistakes via email and while blogging. Maybe after I write a few more children’s books I may slightly accept this title.

Oh, and as I was writing this I had to go help my husband out as he shouted from downstairs ‘I need a hand’… so I could stay with my youngest, Oliver, while my husband escorted my oldest, Benjamin, upstairs. Why? Hitting his brother. It was an early bedtime for overtired Benjamin.

Typically we deal with our boys battles by either separating them or often a ‘time-out’, followed by a short chat about the ‘time-out’, then an apology to his brother. The hardest thing for us parents is keeping it calm throughout the process… and I have still not mastered this.

Here is an article I just read with some good tips on dealing with nasty sibling fights among young children.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

My first publication is officially out this week!

I am very excited that this week I released my children’s book. It was developed throughout 2013, with the help of talented illustrator Rocio.
She was patient and so easy to work with on this project, and I am so thankful for that. Especially since she worked on this book with me for very low pay, and basically supported this creative goal of mine. I hope to work with her on my future books.

I admit to being nervous in finally releasing this book. It is difficult to think of oneself as an ‘Author’ after just one story. But I did work very hard on this book, which began in mid 2013.

I also learned more tools and tricks in photoshop, with the help of Rocio, so that I could add some details to the illustrations. It was a learning process all along for me, and continues to do so. So much to learn, and I certainly wish I had more time to take on all the tasks to get this book out there. All in good time!

I have learned more about Twitter, and connected with so many writers and other entrepreneurs who share their input. A great learning tool! Follow me @babicbooks.

Please email me anytime with your feedback and thoughts, even if you haven’t purchased a book. Thank you for your time!