FAQs & Reviews

Amazon reviewer -March 6, 2014                                                                                                                                                     “This is a wonderful book which I highly recommend. My toddler son enjoys looking at the pictures and always seems to request this book for our nightly “story time” reading. I like the message of the book and love that the author uses inspiration from her own two sons. I’m enjoying reading this book to my son and am excited for the author’s next book to come out.”

Tammy of www.inrdream.com -mom of 4 – March 26, 2014
“Our children loved the cover page’s illustrations and made connections with the toys. From the beginning Anita catches their attention with toys from their own toy box.”

Tamara (verified owner) – January 25, 2014
“An easy-to-read and engaging story with an important lesson. My kids loved the vivid pictures!”- Mom of three girls.”MommyB (verified owner) – January 25, 2014
“I loved how this book sparked a great talk afterwards about sharing with our siblings and even sharing at daycare”- Mom of two boys and girl.

Christine – February 3, 2014
“Fantastic book with a great lesson. Wish we had this book when my kids were smaller – it would surely have been a great help when dealing with all those early squabbles!” – Mom to three boys

2CrazyGirls – February 4, 2014
“Although my kids are sisters and not brothers the concept was not lost on them and they loved it. Catchy rhymes and colourful pages – and it’s a great lesson on sharing. Many pages have simple words and easy single sentences for emerging readers. Cannot go wrong with this book.”

Tanya – February 16, 2014
“My son and daughter enjoyed this book. The message got through as while they were playing later on my son said “I am going to share with A because I love her!”- Mom of boy and girl, ages 4 and 6.

Why should I buy this book for my child?

Why wouldn’t you buy a new book for your child, especially one with a theme about sharing?? Whether continuing to introduce great books because they already love reading, trying to encourage better reading habits, or the topic is important to you as a parent, it’s a book that can only encourage positive thinking into your child’s life. Babic Books aims to create children’s books that teach kindness, caring and compassion.

What age group does this book benefit?

Anytime is good to start reading a book about sharing to your child, but I recommend it for ages 1 to 5 years, only because it is a shorter 14 page picture book. Regardless of your child’s age, its message is appropriate for the family.

Why did you create ‘Sharing Is Love’

Anita started this book in early 2013 while sitting down on the day both her kids were in daycare and having a bit of extra time (which rarely happens). The words seemed to flow and quickly she saw it was a cute story that applied to an issue she is daily dealing with. After writing and re-editing the book, she felt that other friends would like a copy when completed, and then why not other moms if they had the options of obtaining a copy? Surely my boys aren’t the only two that argue over toys!?

Where did your inspiration come from for Sharing is Love?

This book was inspired by my two boys, Benjamin, age 4½, and Oliver, age 2 ½. I would love to be able to say ‘my boys never fight’, but that is hardly the case. They have stubborn, aggressive, and confidant personalities, which is great, but often an issue for two boys developing their place in this world. Gone are the days when Oliver will just do as Benjamin pleases. Oliver stands up for himself, often more aggressively than I would like. BUT it’s a work in progress, maybe a phase or just boys being boys. Either way, I could not find a sharing book specific to brothers, so I sat down and wrote one myself.

Can my child still benefit if they are an only child?

Sure …. they have friends, cousins, peers at daycare or school, and sharing is all around us. The theme of the book is not just specific to brothers, but applies to any child. This book was originally written and designed with Anita’s two boys in mind.

Will this book solve my kids poor sharing habits?

Solve them, no. Help, maybe. But you tell me! Read this book to your children and talk to them about it. What are their reactions while you read through it? What do they say at the end? This book clearly will not stop kids from fighting, but simply gives them another way to hear about the topic in a fun, positive way. Their minds are influenced by everything they hear and see around them, so hearing this book can’t hurt but only help. Do my kids share more now? I will not lie and say ‘yes’, as maybe they are a bit better sometimes due to my oldest maturing, but I do know they are listening to the words when I’m reading and they are drawn to the illustrations.

How many series of books are planned for ‘Sharing is Love’?

Anita’s goal is to have three books completed by the end of 2014. The first is ‘Sharing is Love- My brother and me’. The second is ‘Sharing is Love-My sister and me’. The third book theme is to be determined. Anita chose to be specific with its main characters because sometimes parents feel that if the subject matter closely resembles their own family dynamics, then the impact on their child might be greater.

Where are these books printed?

These books were written, printed, and bound in Canada by First Choice Books, a printing company based in British Columbia. I feel it is important to support Canadian businesses, since I was born and raised in Ontario.

Can you tell me more about the Illustrator?

Anita designed this book with Rocio Arvea Goopar, a newlywed who lives in Toronto. Her website is http://rocioarvea.blogspot.ca. She not only did the illustrations but made it possible for Anita to learn additional tools in photoshop so that she could contribute some illustration features to the book herself. It has been a great learning experience for everyone and I hope this working relationship will continue for a long time.

Do you have a return policy on your books?

Unfortunately there is no return policy on this book. If this book is not at all to your liking, or not what you hoped it would be, please send me a detailed email and I would be happy to hear from you.

What is the philosophy of this self publishing company?

The philosophy of this self publishing company is to produce books that have meaning and matter, in even a small way to a young family in this day in age.

Can I submit a book to Babic Books to be promoted and sold through this self publication? What about submitting a children’s item that I created?

Anita is open to books and even products that might fall into her company’s philosophy. She is open to hearing from other creative individuals if they have a book or product that they have created and Anita feels it is the right fit to be represented under Babic Books.

Email me at info@babicbooks.com and give you me your feedback and thought. Anita would love to hear from you!