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My first Entrepreneur Interview- With Tammy Mitchell

I personally love reading about other parents who run their own business, while trying to manage it with children. Being a Mompreneur myself (and an Entrepreneur for 15 years), I know first hand of the challenges, advantages, and yes…frustrations!  In the end, we all choose a career path because we believe we are truly meant to follow it.  We all ‘make it work’ with family, to the best of our ability.  No two people parent the same way and nobody has the exact same beliefs or dreams with regards to their career or family life.  I always find it inspiring to observe, learn, appreciate and read about what makes other moms or dads tick.

My future informal interviews consist of a number of questions that the person can choose to answer. It is only fitting that I pick for my first interview a mother, who was the first to review my children’s book on her blog.  I am forever grateful for the wonderful review she did of my children’s book.  You can read it here.

Tammy, Owner and Creator of In R Dreams

Tammy, Owner and Creator of In R Dreams


Tammy is a mother of four young kids and runs a successful ‘Mommy Blogging’ website.   She is a writer and brand ambassador for her site.  Visit her here.  First off,  anyone who has four children is someone I want to learn more about ….as I sometimes am pulling out my hair with just two. Kudos to her!  Tammy and I have communicated  via email almost weekly over the past couple of months.  She has great articles and giveaways…and I encourage you to follow her site.  I have not actually met her, but it is amazing how you can get to know someone via social media and consider them a friend.  You just know they are an admirable, hard working person. Anyone with four kids is a hard worker in my books.  Heck, she mentioned to me that her young kids and husband ALL drove to PEI last summer…impressive!  I am not as brave and this is on our ‘to do’ list when our kids are a bit older. Yet she loved the trip and is “living her dream”, her website ‘motto’.  So let’s learn a bit more about Tammy and her business. 

Thanks again Tammy for sharing with all of us.

Tell us who is in your family.  What are your kids’ ages?

Hi I am Tammy a busy WAHM of four children, our daughter is 8 followed by three boys 6/4/ almost 3. We are a young family living in the middle of our dream on four beautiful acres in the country. My husband and I are childhood sweethearts who have been together since I was 14.

Tell us about your business and how long you have had it.

We actually have two businesses that we both work very hard at. I spend my time in between playing cars and wiping up spilt milk writing on My love of writing is something I stumbled on almost three years ago and I absolutely love sitting down and letting my words flow. On I share motherhood stories based on our life weaved in with product reviews and giveaways, dotted with loads of inspiration.

Our family business is DCM Inc. I currently work behind the scenes on SEO and Google Ads building searchable keywords.

In the near future we plan on dabbling and investing in real estate properties.

What are your proudest career accomplishments?

That is a great question. When I was in high school the only career I ever wanted was to be a SAHM to lots of children. Today although I do dabble between two businesses my ‘career’ as a SAHM is my proudest accomplishment and the one career that comes before any other.

What tip would you have for a mom running a business, who may be feeling overwhelmed?

I believe even we mothers who have been running businesses for years feel overwhelmed, I know I do at times.

My best tip is to write a to-do list which in turn will relive your cognitive load. Then take a moment to step back and feel grateful for the moment you’re in.  This always allows me to feel grounded and remind myself why I am doing this and why it is important to my family to continue. It also gives me a chance to look into my overwhelming moment with a new set of eyes. Here is a quote that I always like to be reminded of…

What is Impossible becomes hard.

What is hard becomes easy.

What is easy becomes effortless.

What is effortless becomes AWESOME!

I feel that most moms don’t give themselves the credit they deserve for how hard they work raising children, so what are you most proud of as a mother?

The other day our 8 year old daughter said she wants to be a SAHM like me and write. In that moment I realized that I am shaping our children by the experiences we are walking them through. Seeing the excitement in her eyes melted my heart.

That is just one moment I am most proud of, however I could write a novel on this topic because it warms my heart a great deal. I try to take a moment each day and look over my impact on my family and I am very satisfied with my ‘career’ as a mother and the path I take each day and the hard work I put in as a mother of four.

What do you do for yourself in life to relax and feel revived when needed?

When I need to relax I draw a warm bath, grab a magazine or book and soak for an hour or so. My husband always entertains the kids while mommy takes some ‘me time’.  He is so hands on and extremely involved with the kids.

entrepreneur and mommy blogger interview

Tammy’s Family. A photo from their PEI road trip.


Which books or authors are your kids currently enjoying? (For any of your children)

Our daughter has started reading Geronimo Stilton by Elisabetta Dami. She gets nose deep into them and it is hard to get her attention. I love that she is taking to reading and really enjoys getting lost in a good book.

They boys love anything with cars, trucks and action but I love reading books filled with life lessons or recent events. Recently we read Berenstain bears Book The Truth because someone was dabbling in a few white lies.

Don’t forget to visit Tammy’s site 

Let’s share..what do you do to ‘wind down’ and relax as a mom or dad if  feeling a bit overwhelmed? Answer below, I would love to hear.

This quote made me laugh!

“Having a 2 year old is like having a blender without a lid.”- Jerry Seinfeld

I’m sure many of us can relate to this who have a child under age 3!

Yet they are so darn cute!

Here are five parenting tips if you wish to read more.

Remind yourself to always breath and take a deep breath..that’s what I do.

What do you do during these tough moments..would love to hear below.

Books for children that will help them to grow and learn.

My Oliver- 2.5 years.