I am very excited about my third book, celebrating and teaching young kids about acceptance of those ‘different’ around us…those with ‪#‎disabilities or visual differences. This book will be for ages 4 to 8. Simple and thought provoking for kids. A very personal book for me, and one that I hope to get out to ‪#‎hospitals and schools. I will be taking on the difficult task of launching a Kickstarter campaign for the month of May, in order to raise money to get my books out to ‪#‎healthcare‬ organizations and groups. I welcome emails and info from anyone out there during my current researching stages.

This book deals with sensitive issues, but my message is to make a book that spreads the message of acceptance and love.  My oldest child is 5 1/2 years old, and he asks many questions about those around him, and I have already tried to teach him that the differences we see in others makes them unique and special.  We are all the same inside.   The earlier this is taught to kids, the better for everyone is society. I will be telling a story in a way that I hope my boys will understand, and other kids will to.   The question is, what differences to include or not? How to narrow it down?  This is part of my researching faze. It will be mostly geared towards the differences kids mostly see in schools, this I do know.

Although I will not be focusing on facial differences, something I can relate to,  I know that I will have the support of About Face International…a group that I have volunteer with for 16 years.


Stay tuned!  ‪#‎AboutFaceInternational‬ ‪#‎dsat‬ ‪#‎autism‬‪#‎downsyndrome‬ ‪#‎cysticfibrosiscanada‬

support group for individuals and their families, with facial differences

Photo for a campaign I took about Facial Differences