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Great Book Review of Sharing Is Love

It is always fantastic meeting new bloggers via the internet.   Supporting each other and marketing all our talents  is inspiring.  Here is my latest book review, and you can win a copy of my book through Amanda’s  Multitestingmommy website.  She has a great site with lots to read and learn. I encourage you to follow her!

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Interesting Facts- First one makes my kids seem more normal.

“Siblings fight. A lot. Sometimes with a conflict every 10 minutes. Any parent of more than one child knows that they sometimes just don’t get along. Whether it’s a power struggle, competitive personalities or just plain irritation from being around one another, siblings spend a lot of time battling it out. One researcher found that brothers and sisters between 3 and 7 years old engage in conflict 3.5 times an hour. Younger kids fight even more, with a fight happening every 10 minutes”

“10. A big part of individual personality develops in relation to interaction with siblings. All those fights with siblings may just change who you are as a person. Skills children learn in conflict resolution with siblings can carry over into other areas of life, making us better or worse at forming romantic relationships, working with others or having lasting friendships. Some other studies have suggested that birth order with siblings may also play a role in personality development, with older siblings being more nurturing and middle siblings being peacemakers, though many dispute these findings”

-By Lee Lofland