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Easter egg hunting outside at the Grandparents place in Beamsville.

It is Tuesday evening. My kids were home for the past four days for Easter long weekend. My oldest son is in full time junior kindergarten, and my youngest in 2 days a week daycare. Today they were both at their schools and the house seemed way too quiet, but I welcomed it!  Easter weekend for us consists of visiting one set of Grandparents one day in Beamsville, Ontario.  The other day we visit the other set in Barrie, Ontario. We live in Brampton, and the drive to each of those cities is exactly one hour.  Not too long a drive, but we always go up in the late morning and stay until early evening when we visit.

And of course when we go up, other extended relatives come over for a visit too.  It is more people, more fun, and VERY loud. I wouldn’t change it, but throw two little active boys into the picture, schedules thrown off, too much sweets and chocolate, super excited attitudes,  and they are two very long days.    I suspect most families with young kids can relate to this, especially if holidays consist of visiting family.

I compiled a list of what I already  somewhat knew about the mix of young children and special holiday weekends, and the list was only verified this past Easter weekend.  I know this is not the case for all families, but this is our reality at this time in the Babic household.

My top Easter weekend realities in our family.
1.  Kids will eat too much chocolate.
2.  We will be negotiating and bribing the entire weekend for kids to eat the healthy food and their meals in order to eat some of that chocolate.
3. Kids will mostly have chocolate on their minds for the entire Easter weekend.
4. Kids receive other gifts from the grandparents and extended family other than chocolate.  Clothes, books, candy, dinky cars, bubbles, balls and even money (It was us parents who only got them some Easter chocolates to hunt for).   I don’t remember getting all this stuff 35 years ago!?
5. Grandparents like collecting Easter presents up to one month before the day.
6. Don’t keep Nerf ball gifts in the house. Something will get broken.
7. Don’t expect kids under age 5 to understand its o.k to throw Nerf balls when adults are playing with you indoors, but then it is not o.k. to throw the ball 10 minute later on their own. Something will get broken.
8. We should be firm when having a ‘no Nerf ball’ rule indoors.  It’s soft but can be deadly.
9. Kids will have more than one Easter egg hunt  on Easter weekend
10. The more little kids get, the more they want ‘more’ (for kids under age 5 at least). It’s important to start ingraining being thankful and grateful at these early ages so that they grow up with these values.
11. Preschoolers won’t nap or rest Easter weekend…don’t even try anymore.
12. Kids will not fall asleep on the way home back from the grandparents, no matter how tired they are (at least not before 9:30 pm from my experience).
13. Kids will ask for those chocolates for days after Easter is over, 10 times per day (and for countless days to come…).
14. Parents will gain weight from their kids Easter chocolate that are ‘put away’.
15. Have wine ready at home in the evening when the kids are asleep
16. Have wine ready at home in the evening when the kids are asleep on Day 2 of visits.
17. We are fortunate to have the extended family to spend the holidays with, and all four Grandparents are with us.
18. Embrace the chaos, and realize this stage when kids are full of joy and excitement for these weekends is short lived. The weekend is exhausting, but I wouldn’t change it in the end
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A calm moment on Easter Sunday… reading and eating something healthy!

What is a reality from this past Easter weekend that you would add? I would love to hear!  Let’s keep it light.  Please leave a reply below (no emails will be posted).  Best of all, a random draw will be held on Saturday April 26 for a copy of my new book. The winner will be posted Saturday on my blog (or emailed privately if you ‘sign up’ to my site).

Also, if you want to get some parenting tips during the holidays, here’s one with five suggestions.

All responses to this list will be automatically entered.  The winner will be mailed a copy of my book; Sharing is Love- My brother and me, early next week.

I look forward to reading your comments below!

parenting kids during the holidays

A sugar rush for Benjamin and Oliver. Or partly just being normal little boys.

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