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Babic Books creates inspiring picture books for young children. Our books teach kindness, caring and empathy.  Author and creator, Anita Babic,  proudly presents her Sharing is Love series of books. The stories are positive, straightforward and filled with love.  Sharing is Love is for ages one to five years. This series of books combines colorful illustrations and rhyming text with important life lessons. Parents will feel hopeful and proud by reinforcing important everyday social skills through an easy to follow story. We are excited for your child to add our book to their collection! Thank you for visiting Babic Books!

“I loved the simplicity and lesson offered in this wonderful book. Perfect for younger children still learning to share (with or without siblings). My son was eager to talk about sharing after each time we read it and often refers to the book when discussions about sharing come up in play time situations. It was a big hit for him and therefore for us as parents! A must-have addition for the growing home library!”– Toronto Mother

My Sister and MeMay_Cover_MySisterandMe

 My Brother and Me
a picture book about sharing for young children, especially sharing among siblings. teaches important life lessons, top children's books in canada

Our talented Illustrator- Rocio Arvea Goopar
All books are proudly made and printed in Canada.